Why did Dr. Michael De Bakey say nothing but lies?
Why didn’t he take the necessary measures after that his surgery
knife had hit the late Shah’s pancreas? Dr. De Bakey’s ignorance
toward this action, made our Shah weaker and closer to death.

Dr. George Flandern wrote in a letter to his professor, Dr. Jean Bernard:
“I must do something for this man, (the late Shah) who is under attack from everywhere. My moral distinction allows me not to tramp on my oath about professional secrecy, but if I do that, it means to verify the lies and the rumours.”

  1. Why should we think that they killed our Shah?
  2. Surgery from the democrat party
  3. The Shah feels the danger
  4. The Shah in Egypt
  5. The big disaster takes place
  6. Different medical views
  7. The end