View from behind the Shah and the Shahbanou during the Coronation Parade in the Amjadieh Stadium.

Two different moments of the Coronation Parade, the popular celebration of the Shah of Iranís Coronation. The Parade took place the day after the Coronation, the 27th October 1967.

The Shah salutes during the Coronation Parade. The event included a military parade in honour of the sovereign, who was Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces and had transformed the Iranian services in the most powerful of the region.

On the left, the Shah and Empress Farah leaving the Imperial Box in the Amjadieh Stadium, while Crown Prince Reza Cyrus and Princess Farahnaz play together. On the right, the Crown Prince is with his mother, the extremely elegant Shahbanou. It was said that his impeccable behaviour of the previous day was no more due to his sisterís impeccable naughtiness.