Photo made seconds before the start of the Shah and the Shahbanouís triumphant cortege through the streets of Teheran and the cheers of several million people, in the new Coronation Coach, specially built in Vienna for the glittering occasion.

General view of the Coronation Cortege as it makes itís way through the crowded streets of Teheran. The cortege was composed by several mounted regiments and bands and along each of the two coaches walked footmen in very colourful uniforms.

The Shah of Iran, wearing the Pahlavi crown and acknowledging the cheers of the crowds during the cortege back to the Marble Palace of Teheran, following the Coronation ceremony in the Golestan Palace. In this picture it is possible to see some of the details of the Coronation Coach.

Picture of the full Coronation Coach, built in Vienna specially for the Coronation of 1967. The carriage is blue, the colour of the Shahís personal standard and has the arms of the Pahlavis painted in the door. There are gold engravings in the whole carriage and on top of it a model of the Imperial Crown, including the feathers. The seat of the coachman is in blue embroidered in gold and it also has the arms of the Imperial Family.

Two pictures of Empress Farah inside the Coronation Coach during the triumphant cortege through the streets of Teheran and the cheers of a crowd of several million people. The Shahbanou sat on the left of the carriage as the least ranking person, while her husband, the Shah, sat on the right.

The Empress of Iran is seen waving to the members of the Imperial Household at the arrival at Marble Palace of Teheran. Behind some members of the Household, who help to take Empress Farahís velvet robe out of the carriage, it is possible to see the Shah, wearing the Pahlavi crown.