Excerpts His Imperial Majesties speech at the joint 
session of the Malaysia Houses of Parliament, 1967

...Today, when the world is becoming increasingly one inseparable social and geographic unit, no country is able to disassociate its destiny from that of other nations. We all know well that events in any part of the world cause a chain reaction in other parts, and that an incident in any one area is bound to affect the life and existing conditions of the remotest corners of the universe. On the other hand, we realize that in a world where societies are increasingly connected and linked together, the enormous differences of the past, in the economic conditions of people, or in the levels of their spiritual or intellectual education, are unacceptable. 

Our epoch is no longer an age where discriminations and divisions can be tolerated. This is a reality, and those who do not wish to accept it by the virtue of reason will have to learn it the difficult way...