Excerpts from His Imperial Highness speech
On social welfare and the revamping of the educational system - January 26th, 1965

From every aspect, our national insurance plan must meet the entire needs and requirements of the populace. These insurance plans are currently instituted in the workers field, but the progressive Iran of tomorrow demands the propagation of such amenities to all the sectors of its society such that every Iranian from the time of his/her birth to the moment he/she passes away, gets covered under the protective shield of these plans safe-keeping them from illness and accidents, all the way to the old-age and retirement status. 

In the prosperous Iran of tomorrow, when a citizen reaches the old age, he/she ought not seek refuge in a corner, akin to a beast, awaiting death. Of course, in the governmental sector we have the necessary retirement plans, however, other citizens of our nation, who are not part of that sector should be covered under an appropriate insurance plan also so they could spend their final stages of their life in tranquility and with peace of mind. 

To accomplish these tasks we need a cadre of well-trained and skilled individuals, which in turn requires a total revamping of our educational system. To reach that goal, the sons and daughters of our nation must be fully prepared and equipped since most of these endeavors demand a highly technical know-how. Technical institutions in Iran should increase tremendously in number. This is not to ignore the importance of scientific schools. Such a society will indeed have a dire need for scientist also. We will embark on facilitating the process of propagating and obtaining these sciences in the best possible manner through the higher institutions in Iran. 

The Tehran University must be fully prepared in this regard. Other colleges in Iran should gradually offer the needed expertise in their curriculum so we could domestically meet the need for the required college educated staff.