Excerpts from His Imperial Majesties speech
On the occasion of the Iranian women's right to vote - February 27th, 1963

You are well aware that during my father's time, Iranian women were liberated from a so-called cover known as the veil, or in my opinion a cover of neglect and destruction. They did however, enter a limited social life especially in the cultural, health related and other employment sectors. Since then, we have witnesses their diligence and dedication in carrying on their responsibilities. We even noticed that in every task they exercised tremendous self-sacrifice and they were quite conscientious, serving their nation as best as they possibly could. 

However, aside from these types of activities, and contrary to their counterparts in the progressive and advanced nations, they had little or no role in determining their own and their country's destiny. The Iranian women were treated similarly as the mentally challenged and had no say  regarding their own basic and fundamental rights, nor in their household, which is indeed their homeland.

Fortunately, today this momentous step was taken and the final badge of shame impacting half of our society was practically removed. We have in essence broken the last link of the chain and all the members of this nation will, from now on, actively participate in all social issues. They shall help one another in every aspect, hand in hand, in order to build the progressive and the proud Iran of tomorrow. I have no doubt that you, the women of Iran, keep this goal dear to your hearts and are so cognizant of its importance that you will never shun your responsibilities in the path of reaching its noble aspirations. 

You won't pursue the baseless deeds of women in certain parts of the world, and in simplicity, in confidence, in profoundness, in thought, in work, in cultural issues, in social services and most importantly in educating your children, your brothers and your sisters, you will outshine others to such a degree that even the most optimistic of observers will be astonished. 

You will demonstrate that the Iranian woman despite the fact that throughout history was shackled and strained, but her emotions, her heart & her soul has always been filled with the most noble of aspirations. You will indeed prove that the Iranian women deserve to have every possible and fundamental right and are quite capable and competent to achieve any level of modernity and social progress. You shall immortalize this honor for the Iranian women.