Excerpts from His Imperial Highness speech
on the issue of industrialization - January 9th, 1963

This topic, namely the freedom of the majority of the Iranian people along with her comfort and her peace of mind will not be limited only to the peasant life in this nation. The Iranian farmer, who produces more, will obviously make more money and hence will spend more of that income. 

Seeing the growth in this sector, I have no doubt that you will spend your money appropriately, that is to say, you will build yourselves suitable homes and through various agricultural entities, you will procure new tools and machinery for farming. You will mechanize the farming process and familiarize yourself to the new methods including the use of the chemical fertilizers. 

Those amongst you, who are capable of it, will invest additionally in farm animals, dairy, poultry, and planting of the trees. This increase in production will indeed serve to flourish the industrialization of our nation. Proportionally, the growth of the industry will in turn enhance the life style of our workers. 

For the workers, as you well know, yesterday or the day before, another progressive step was taken which I look forward to witnessing its positive results soon. 

When the industry flourishes, obviously it results in an increase in the workers' income. When the latter's pay increases, his/her purchasing ability is consequently enhanced. When there is an improvement in the buying power of the farmer and the worker, resulting in a more comfortable life style and a more balanced diet, then a new class will enter the workforce and those are the merchants, who will benefit from the improvement of the life style in the agricultural and the industrial sector. This process will in essence trickle down to all the segments of our society resulting in an overall improvement in the quality of life. 

At this juncture, the key to this better life is in the hands of the Iranian farmer because you constitute the largest portion of the Iranian populace. This will continue for a few years as we venture into mechanizing our farming endeavors and implement it in new land-parcels and until we enter the industrial chapter of our economy. Then, these current numbers will tend to change but until at least another generation, the primary responsibility of safeguarding the tranquility and the stability of our national economy will be on your shoulders - the kind-hearted, noble and hard-working Iranian farmers.