Excerpts from His Imperial Majesties speech
on the heritage and the humane government of Cyrus the Great - October 12 & 14th, 1971

2500 years ago, one of the sons of this nation, Cyrus the Achaemenian, who incidentally belongs not only to our own heritage but also to that of the world and humanity, brought about a fundamental change. What Cyrus accomplished was to revamp the cruel and inhumane mode of government, which was rampant in those days. He institutionalized a new way in governing based on respect for the rights and beliefs of individuals. This foresight opened up a graceful page in the annals of history. 

Many after him, followed his footsteps, which has in essence resulted in an evolutionary process for humanity to get ever closer to the utopia of a perfect society. Let us hope that with the aid and assistance of all the enlightened souls in the world, once again the pages of our history turn to a new era wherein there are neither any signs of darkness, poverty, abjectness, illness, hunger nor any remnants of prejudice and injustice. Let us hope that our children live in an everlasting peaceful world, free of fear and void of anxiety, where they would have no outlook in their life other than hope and prosperity.

...in the course of 2500 years, every inch of this soil, had been colored with the blood of her gallant sons and daughters so Iran may live proudly forever. This land of ours has suffered from quite a few incursion, many came to pillage and bring this nation to its knees, yet, they have all vanquished and Iran remains intact.