Excerpts from His Imperial Majesties speech at a 
Press Conference in Budapest, 1966

...We enjoy excellent relations with our neighbors, and we continually seek to cultivate and improve this relationship. We have a common frontier with the Soviet Union which stretches over 2,500 Kilometers. This good neighbor policy with the Soviet Union has reached a state that we have undertaken a joint venture to construct a dam on one of the frontier rivers.

Additionally, the Soviet Union has agreed to build a steel-mill in Iran. In 1970, a significant and considerable portion of our gas will be exported to that country. Trade and commerce between our two countries is growing rapidly. We have concluded agreements and exchanges in the cultural and educational fields, and implemented them in accordance with the principles of mutual respect, non-interference in each other's internal affairs, co-existence and concerted cooperation in an atmosphere of reciprocity and cumulative interest.

With Turkey, we have close and brotherly relations imbedded in history and linked together under a regional economic agreement.

With Afghanistan, we have the best possible ties of friendship which we look forward to expanding in every aspect.

Similarly, with Pakistan, we enjoy close brotherly relations interlocked by a regional economic agreement which we have concluded with that country as well. The strong economic cooperation between Pakistan, Turkey and Iran is not meant to be restrictive or exclusive. Avenues to this cooperation are open to any country for whom it may prove useful and advantageous.

For our other neighbor Iraq, we harbor sincerest feelings. On our part, we have always extended to them a hand of friendship on which they can always rely.

These are the countries which share common frontiers with us. We believe, however, that it is not adequate to have only amicable relations with one's neighbors. It is for this reason that we have endeavored to extend our relations to all the countries of the world. Our efforts to promote relations with the Socialist countries of Europe stands as an example...