Excerpts from His Imperial Majesties interview 
interview with the Editor of the Baghdad newspaper, Al-Manar - 1967

...With regard to Palestine, we have not adopted a new policy. If there are people who have thus far not understood our intentions, I believe there could be no other reason but that they have not wished to pay attention to our policy. 

Our policy has always been clearly defined and undeviating. This policy can be summed up in adherence to the principles set out in the United Nations Charter. On this basis, we have unremittingly upheld justice, truth, and the expansion of friendship and amity with all nations, especially our neighbors. 

No misunderstanding or ill-feeling can or will cause us to disavow this policy. Unfortunately, elements who find their interests in causing dissent and differences among nations, have sought to make our well-defined, decisive and unequivocal policy appear confused, especially with relations to the Arab States. 

For the past 20 years approximately, whenever the issue of Palestine and the rights of Palestinian refugees have been raised in international societies or circles, we have without fail lent our support and, in devotion to the principles of the United Nations Charter, we have given our backing to the enforcement of the pertinent resolutions...