“To foresee the destiny of any society is indeed a difficult task.  Since social phenomena are so complex and since minor occurrences can have a major impact on the whole, changes cannot be precisely predicted.”  -  Bagher Saroukhani

The vision of future, planned and projected in the 1970’s for tomorrow’s Iran could not have taken a more severe and catastrophic turn in its course than the mass-hysteria that engulfed our nation by the end of that decade.  Iran was preparing itself to become a democratic society by first building strong economical, industrial and social foundations, all of which are vital factors for any successful modern democracy.

“These are the main goals to lead an ancient people to a better future, goals which emanate from a very long history and which Iran will continue to follow for the survival and happiness of its people.” - Bagher Saroukhani

Looking back at our old history, one will admit that Iranians are a nation of perfectionists!  On the long road to a society that will befit everyone there are many falls.  We have been invaded, our religion has been changed, foreigners have influenced unscrupulous Iranians and dynasties have been swept aside.  But the true Iranian spirit and values have always prevailed and major turmoil and its visible effects either absorbed or adapted to fit our ideal of perfectionism.

“It is hoped that Iranian culture will be presented as something original, because of its resilience, synthesizing power and harmony.  In a world plagued by hunger, misery, disparity, ignorance and disease, the voice of this civilization will echo humanism and the emancipation of man.” – Bagher Saroukhani

On this eve of the 95th anniversary of the Constitutional Revolution we strongly believe that the future is in our credit.  Iran might seem to have lost track from her path to reach the Great Civilizaion; however, the recent events prove that changes are underway.  In this day and age of globalization, Iran has too important a place for it to be ignored.  Though it seems everything visible has been burnt to the ground, but the roots of our great civilization lie buried in thousands of years of history.

“The vision of future Iran emanating from the creative ferment of the Iran of today is one of a society once again attaining greatness.  With half a population less than one generation old and with an ancient heritage to build upon, the nation is at once more than 2,500 years mature and less than twenty years young.  This duality expresses itself in an ever-widening interaction with all parts of the globe, complemented by a renewed sense of cultural roots.”  –  Nader Khalili

The potential of today’s Iran is simply overwhelming.  It is within the country and it is also within the diaspora of Iranians abroad, who have assimilated foreign cultures, languages and wealth to their advantage and, one hopes, one day for Iran’s benefit.

“ What has already been planned embodies a vision of Iran tomorrow as a major world centre linking East and West in a modern version of the ancient Silk Route, which once passed through her borders.  It envisions a well-rounded society, which concerns itself with culture as well as technology, with philosophy as well as commerce, with quality of life as well as the quantity of production.” –  Nader Khalili

The following projects are just a handful of many, which were designed, prepared and carefully chosen by the Imperial Government of Iran for the future generations.  Iran will be free and will once again command respect.  “The elements of greatness are there – in the land and in the people.”  –  Nader Khalili



Iran Museum of Modern Arts - Shiraz

Negarestan Cultural Center

Tabriz Cultural Center

Tehran Center for the Performance of Music

The Creative Arts Center


Educational Radio & Television

Free University of Iran

Institute for the Intellectual Development of Chidlren and Young Adults

Reza Shah Kabir University


Industrial Credit Bank


Imperial Medical Center of Iran


Aryamehr Islamic Center


Hotel Tehran

Kish Island



Imperial Iranian Air Force 1

Tehran International Airport



Shahestan Pahlavi