Free University of Iran

One hundred hectares of the site will be allocated to the Free University, which will use various media to disseminate its educational program to some 400 centers throughout Iran. With a concept of education based on the open learning system, the Free University will use self-instructional material comprised of books’ cassettes, television programs and practice kits. Local and regional canters for study references have been located throughout the country to cover a maximum potential student population within one hour’s commuting distance.

Designed to fill national needs for skilled personnel, the first program will begin in 1978 with instruction in the teaching and paramedical fields. Courses will be added or deleted periodically according to the overall needs of the country. The majority of the lecturers for the multi-media courses will be graduate students from neighboring Reza Shah Kabir University, and many of the programs will be recorded and transmitted by the neighboring Educational Radio and Television complex.