Kish Island in the Persian Gulf was for centuries a pirate stronghold, hostile in aspect with few trees and little water. Now it is being developed into a luxury resort and a free port of entry, inviting those who have sought their vacations elsewhere in the past to winter along its sunny beaches. Visitors arrive by air the airport will accommodate even the Concorde SST. On Kish they will find royal residences, private villas, exclusive hotels and restaurants, a casino, clubs, a civic center and a small bazaar all nested among 25,000 trees which now dot the 8 by 14 kilometer island. Private automobiles are prohibited, and a myriad of outdoor sports are available a marina, bridle trails, an 18-hole golf course. The architectural theme throughout the island is contemporary, with the predominant element being angular form. The symbolic decorative element, used extensively, is the Pahlavi arch. However, the spirit of traditional building has been preserved in the local village, completely rebuilt in its original form on a new site, and a number of ruins on the island have been retained as thematic links with the past.