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The Corps of Literacy, Health and Development, created by principles 6,7,8 and 11 of the White Revolution, played essential roles in the renovation of the villages, improvement of hygiene, and the instruction and intellectual development of the rural population.
They were composed by of male conscripts and women volunteers.
It was important for our nation to improve the nation`s infrastructure and increase the number of schools, libraries, hospitals, dispensaries, etc...
The work of the three Corps was always in addition to these efforts.

The Development and Reconstruction Corps was initially responsible for identifying local problems and then helping to solve them.
This required each member to ascertain the geaographical, agricultural, economic, social and cultural conditions of the district.

Under the direction of the conscript, a training course in modern agricultural techniques was given.
The villagers would sow an experimental field of a thousand square meters with seeds provided by the ministry.
On this land they would learn th ebest methods of cultivating, harvesting, irrigating and fertilizing the land, as well as combatting pests.
In experimental orchads they learned the correct methods for planting, grafting, pruning etc.
They also learned to improve hygiene, ventilation and lighting in cowsheds and stables and how to vaccinate their animals.

Among the services rendered in rural areas were;

* The construction of roads and water supplies
* The creation of health service and medical assistance ( where the health Corps was absent )
* The construction of public baths, schools and libraries
* The installation of electricity
* The establishment of postal, telegraph and telephone service
* The building of public quarters, cooperative stores, centers for professional education and even banks