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Agrarian reform was carried out in three stages:

- No landowner could own more then one village
- Peasants who worked at the land had the right to buy the surplus with loans repayable over 15 years
- Landowners were paid in shares of state owned industries

Landowners who did not personally cultivate their lands, had to rent them for 30 years or to sell them to those who did.

Landowners who had rented out lands had to share the income with the former or sell him the area he caltivated.

To finance our land reforms, shares in government factories were sold.

When this reforms took place, the clergy ( the black reaction ) and the communists ( the red destruction ) started to sabotage this program.
The former because they wished the country to remain submerged in abject poverty and injustice, the later because their aim was the complete disintegration of the country.
Widespread sabotage began, accompanied by murder and rioting.
These revolts were offcourse financed by large landowners.

Thanks to His Imperial Majesty Aryamehrs agrarian reform, 2 1/2 million peasant families becamed owners of the land on which they worked.

Becaue of the white revolution, more then 9 million trees were replanted in 26 regions, creating 70 000 acres of " green belts " around cities and on the borders of the major highways.
Numerous national parks were established and 98 000 acres of new forests and 25 000 acres of various types of vegetation and trees were planted to limit the advance of the desert.