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If Iran wished to remain in the circle of dynamic, progressive and free nations of the world, it had to structure its future on a new order compitable with the vision and needs of the day.
To accomplish that, it required a deep and fundamental revolution which would put an end to injustice, tyranny, exploitation and reactionary forces which impeded progress.

To realize this goals it was essential that:

* Land reforms should take place and the feudal landlord system abolished
* The relationship between workers and employers should be regulated
* The women should be treated as equals
* The scourge of illiteraly should be removed
* No one should die of disease nor live in misery
* Backwardness in the villages should be ended
* Undevelopedouter regions should be connected with the rest of the nation etc...

With this aims, His Imperial Majesty Aryamehr in january 1963, presented the first stage of the WHITE REVOLUTION to the iranian people.

More then half the arable land of Iran belonged to private owners.
This landowners rarely resided on their estates and had little interest in improving the agricultural and social conditions of the pesants who lived there.
In 1963, a new law was passed by plebicite which limited private ownership of arable land. This was the first principle of His Imperial Majesty Aryamehrs white revolution.